A Ring from a Quarter

Max was visiting and wanted to try something he had seen on an Internet video.

He wanted to make a ring from a quarter.

He wants to have one from his home state of Pennsylvannia...this one was the beta test.


First order of business was to create some blanks with holes in the center.

A jig to hold the coin was made with a Forstner bit hole the size of a quarter.

Then a switch to a metal twist bit to create the hole. The coin rotated in the hole so we moved to a second option.

After having created a centered dimple in all of the coins, a metal vise was used to hold the coin steady.

The vise was pushed against the fence and a wooden backer was used.


The dimpled center point was then lined up and the hole was drilled.
After making 7-8 blanks, three were selected.
The blank was then fitted onto a ring mandrel. This is an old one that my grandmother had used in her general store.

A piece of PVC was then placed over the mandrel to push the ring further down the shaft to size it. Max wears a 10 1/2.


The forming of the ring...
This image shows the state print...
The ring was then worked on a DMT lapping plate and a 220 grit sanding pad.

A final polishing finish was done on a Naniwa 12000 grit stone.


The test fit...


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