Tenon Jig


Threw together a bench appliance to hold a board while trimming a tenon shoulder.

The jig is designed to be used against the edge of a bench but it can also be held in the end vise.

The idea for this jig came from Rob Porcaro's blog at http://www.rpwoodwork.com/blog/.


Here is a photo of Porcaro's jig.

The base of the jig is 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood with a fence of 3/4 inch MDF.

The clamp is a Bessey auto-adjust, toggle clamp.

The end cap of the fence is an oak plate that will be a replaceable, sacrificial board.


Screws were countersunk and clearly marked on the top edge of the sacrificial cap as to depth and location...


Oak edge banding on the front and side is for protection of the plywood sides and the bands extend below the edge of the sole plate so that it can be used as a bench hook or put into a vise.

Shown here the jig is at the workbench and is secured in the end vise.
Lined up against the sacrificial plate the shoulder is easily trimmed with the large LN shoulder plane.
An apron tenon of cypress is the first test...all went well.

Shown here the appliance sits on the corner of the outfeed table.






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