The Sun Shop Remodel


Phase 2

After the initial build was complete, and after using the shop for a few months changes began. After a time some major remodeling was conceived.

These changes included exterior modifications, workstation development, new machinery purchase/install, etc. Much of the change had to do with the dust collection system.After connecting virtually all of the workstations to a dust collector, it became obvious that the shop was simply too crowded.

So the following changes were made over a period of a couple of years.

Attic Remodel

Storage racks were added and the area was rearranged.

Ladder Hoist

This changed access to the attic in a huge way!!!

Rear Shop Extension

A covered area was developed in the rear of the shop.

The air compressor was established there.

Both of the major dust collection devices were relocated.



Cabinet Project

A remodel of the north wall area was made so that there was better storage options available.

Additionally, the bench was downsized to allow for the jointer to be added.


Clamp rack

Unit was built to hold clamps for roll around access.



A new bandsaw was purchased and DC was run to it.


Outfeed and Downdraft Table

An outfeed table, a downdraft area for sanding, storage and a DC system were added to the Powermatic 66




A Powermatic jointer was added and DC run to it.


Drill Press Table



Gravel Path and Drainage System



Addition of the Shed



Powermatic overhauled




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