Dust Collection

Band Saw

The new Powermatic bandsaw is located to the right of the door on the southwest wall.

Dust collection for this unit will be pulled by the Jet Dust Dog which is located on the exterior northeast wall.

The Jet unit is operated by a remote control switch.

After one of the two Jet trunk lines enters the shop it is has a three way split.


After separation into three lines a trio of blast gates allows selection of one of the three hoses that run under the bench.

The center line here is the path to the band saw.


The front and center lines continue westward.

At the end of the main bench the middle line goes down to the floor.
For the junction at the floor we used a Rockler Dust Right "though the wall" setup with two flanges and a tube that goes through the wall (or in this case the floor).
The tube had to be cut down on the bandsaw to make it the proper length for the two flanges to sit flush.
Aftrer the tube was cut down so that after insertion into the two flanges there was a 1 1/8 gap. This is the thickenss of the floor substrate plus the tile.
A hole was drilled using a four inch hole saw.

After the unit passes the floor, the under-the-shop-flange is secured and the hose is connected.

The line then crosses underneath the shop. It is contained in the space between the florr joists and floats in space held only by strapping material to prevent sagging.


The line then re-enters the shop and a hose is connected to the flange on the floor by the southwest wall.

A new 220v electrical line was run at the same time and the bandsaw was rewired to run on 220v.

The final phase of this long and winding road is connection to the four inch cast iron port on the rear of the Powermatic.


This fitting rotates and has a 2 1/2 tee that is connected to a flex hose.

A rigid flex hose comes off of the 2 1/2 flex and can be positioned to pull dust at the point of the cut.


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