Dust Collection

Downdraft Table

The downdraft sanding section is approximately half of the outfeed workstation. The top of the table is a 1/4 thick synthetic pegboard panel.
The edge band of the top is one inch x 3/4 inch white oak strips ripped from raw, aged planks and then planed to thickness. This will provide a strong and durable edge for protection and clamping.
When working with handheld sanders the airborne dust will be pulled through the pegboard into the funnel area.
The funnel area will terminate into an 8 x 4 rectangular AC vent connection that has a 5 inch out.

The 5 inch hose goes out the back of the carcase and enters the dust collection port box. This allows for easy connectivity to the 5 inch hose from the Oneida Mini Gorilla.

This port box will be incorporated in a storage area that is being designed to hold Powermatic supplies and provide support under the right extension table of the saw.

A wooden frame was built and installed to secure the metal vent. The 5 inch output was clamped to a 5 inch flexi hose that is serviced by the Oneida dust collector.

The first piece of the funnel was cut from air conditioning duct material. It was secured to side of the cabinet with drywall screws and to the vent with foil Shur-tape®.

This material is Knauf Air Duct Board-M®.

It is one inch thick resin-bonded fiber glass with a foil vapor retarder.

The foil side is perfect for this application and the board is easy to cut and shape with a box blade. Jamie, my next door neighbor, is an HVAC man and recommended the product for construction of shop made hoods for dust collection.

The second long side piece is cut and attached.


This end piece was cut on an angle to complete the funnel. The edges were angled to make the joint tighter.


The end pieces were then taped with foil.

The completed funnel.

The table top has cut outs that allow for air to pulled downward but it has enough horizontal surface to support the top pegboard sheet.
The synthetic pegboard is replaced and the unit passes the downdraft test.


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