The Sun Shop Build and Evolution



The Sun Shop was built in the spring of 2006 and immediately the remodeling phase began.

I have divided the build and evolution into three phases...

Phase 1 is the design and creation of the shop 2005-2006.

Phase 2 is the subsequent remodeling with a time span of 2006-2011.

Much of this phase involved the development of a dust collection system, the addition of new power machines, and the constant enhancement of work stations and methods to use power woodworking tools.

Because the better utilization of space was a constant theme,a covered additon was put on the rear of the shop and a garden shed was build next to the shop for yard tool storage.

Phase 3 is the more recent remodeling phase, 2011 until the present. In particular, this phase was driven by the development of better work areas to enhance the new transition to using hand tools.

This includes new work tables, the migration of many devices from the primary power tool end of the building...the the east where more and more hand work is being done. Windows were added for better natuaral lighting and a lot of tool storage was reconceived during this phase.



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