The Sun Shop Remodel


Phase 3

The Phase 2 alterations were build around creating more room in the shop. Plus accomodations were made for new large machines, the bandsaw and the jointer.

Phase 3 alterations were pretty much built around the ideas of...

#1 continuing to develop more usable space and to improve work flow

#2 to enhance exiting work stations and create new ones

#3 to restructure the east end of the shop based on the transition to hand tools

#4 everything is designed around the idea of putting things where they will be for the next 20 years


Attic Remodel

more work was done here

major wood storage was moved to the attic during the workbench build

East Shop Exterior changes

Path and drainage

Double door entry steps


Cabinet Project 2

Continued remodel of the north wall area was made so that there was better storage options available.




Clamp rack

Clamp storage returned to the walls, both west and east


Drill Press Upgrades

Table remodel

Chuck replacement



Saw Till


Plane Till


Windows installed

Chisel racks put in place

Major tool relocations


Assembly Table






Chisel Racks

Paring Chisel Rack



Shooting board

Mortise paring jig

Saw hook

Dowell plate



Tool Storage

Festool systainer cart


Tool Storage

Machinist Chest



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