Downdraft and Outfeed

Table Project


This project was designed to provide an outfeed table to assist in performing solo cuts at the Powermatic.

The overhang on three sides will allow the area to have ample clamping space for working with hand tools, assembling and gluing projects, and sanding and finishing at the workstaion.

The downdraft table will have dust collection pull from Oneida Mini Gorilla. The Powermatic 66 dust collection will also go to the Oneida.

The base section was constructed in base of 3/4 MDF and A/C plywood.

The top of the cabinets was a 3/4 inch piece of Baltic Birch.
A 1/4 piece of Luan plywood was glued to the Birch to provide a 1 inch top.
The downdraft sanding section is a 1/4 thick synthetic pegboard panel. The two sections are close to flush...about a 1/32 differential.
The edge band of the top is one inch x 3/4 inch white oak strips ripped from raw, aged planks and then planed to thickness. This will provide a strong and durable edge for protection and clamping.

To ensure stability of the table, a plate was added on both ends of the cabinet carcase that allowed the base to be secured to the L-shaped cast iron bracket on the back of the Powermatic.


Two mitre track extensions were routed into the outfeed table top.

I built and installed three drawers in the storage area under the outfeed table side. I recycled some "fifties art deco" aluminum handles.

The four inch flexi hose from the dust collecion port of the Powematic is seen at the back of the lower shelf.



These drawers are wide and shallow.

This allows for storage of a lot of measurement tools, the Kreg pocket jig devices, and clamps and accessories for the MFT3 worktable.

Cabinet doors on the left side completed the face of the outfeed/downdraft workstation.

This dust collection connector box allows fo easy access to the 5" connector from the Oneida.

The lower port is a step down to a 4 inch which pulls the Powermatic.


The upper port connects to a 5 inch hose which will pull the downdraft table.


This port box will be incorporated in a storage area that is being designed to hold Powermatic supplies and provide support under the right extension table of the saw.


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