H. O. Studley Chest



I first saw the H. O. Studley chest in 1988.

The image above is the last page (p. 112 of 112) of the Fine Woodworking #71 (July-August).

Studley was a piano maker for Poole. He made his chest during the 1890-1920 period.






I looked at that rear cover thousands of times.

I bought the subsequent Fine Woodworking poster...had it in the shop till it was lost...




In 2012 the Poster was reissued...Highland Woodworking...


1999 Fine Woodworking May-June had an article by William Sampson about the Studley chest on display at the Smithsonian.


You Tube video...Norm Abrams


The chest is now in private hands and the owner is anoymous.

Don Williams, a retired Senior Furniture Conservator for the Smithsonian, arranged to disassemble, inventory, restore and document the chest (as well as the workbench.


Williams teamed up with Christopher Schwartz of Lost Art Press to document the project. With photos from Narayan Nayar the book will be out in 2015...titled "Virtuoso: The Tool Chest and Workbench of H. O. Studley".

Matter Vanderlist, Matts Basement Workshop,has text and video of a 30 minute interview of Williams and Nayar.


Don's website...

Williams and Schwarz loading the tool chest...

video at Lost Art Press.

Williams has put together an exhibit of the tool cabinet and his workbench.

The exhibit will be at the Scottish Rite Temple in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in May, 2015 for three days.

Cindy and I are going. We have tickets for 11:00 a.m. on Firday May 15.

The exhibit website...


The exhibit will feature the chest and the workbench.
Handworks 2015 will share these dates...May 15-16...we will visit Amana Colonies for this events.


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