Skinning the Building



On Saturday, March 11, after the framing was completed, the team divided into two teams. The roofing crew of four began to put up the metal roof. George and Jacob turned to siding and completed the south and north walls. On Sunday, after the roof was completed, Max and Ben departed. James, Dave, George and Jacob completed the west, east walls and the west and east gable. At the end of the day, the building was skinned.


On Sunday the hardest part of the siding process was the gables. We had to frame in the gable structures first and then apply the siding.
Due to the siding material going up so high on the gable ends, drip cap z flashing had to be installed above the lower pieces.
The east gable was particulary troubling as we had to account for the louver vents for the gable fan and we incorporated a door that will later be used to put long wood stock into the attic.

Jacob in the Dance Hall

The attic turned out to be a wonderul area. We joked that it is so big and solid that we called it the dance hall.We plan to have Rafter Rock and Roll parties.
At the end of Sunday, March 11 we had a fully frammed, skinned, and roofed building!



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