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Screen Doors

There will be two screen doors providing access to the new screen porch. These doors will be 32 inches wide and 80 inches tall. They will both open into the porch.

Design Plan

Wood and Hardware Choices


Screen Frame Builds

Finished Product


Design Plan

The door will have a 3.5 inch wide top rail, middle rail and mullion. The bottom rail will be 5.5 inches wide.

The stiles will all be 3.5 inches wide.

The boards on the outside of the door wil all be complanar. On the inside there will be rebates for the screen frames and the inner edge of mullion will be coplanar with the rebates.
The rebates will be 3/8 inch by 3/8 inch...the horizontal rebates will be through cuts...the vertical rebates will be stopped cuts.

Screen panels will be built with extruded aluminum frames.

The frame will sit in the will be attached with screws.

Rough opening for screen door...there will be a sill plate that will function as a threshold base.
Wood and Hardware Choices

Poplar was the wood of takes paint so well...

...the lumber for the doors was all purchased pre-milled...but the local BORG had poor selections in 8 foot boards...used 6 foot boards where possible and then used 1 x 4 x 8 radiata pine for the stiles.


ADFORS Premium Pool and Patio Screen, 48" x 100' roll, Charcoal

Black hinges...3.5 inch x 3.5 inch...spring loaded.


The rails were all chopped to 25 inches, the mullions to 29.5, and the stiles to 80 3/8 (fat to provide play, will trim later)

Layouts were made for the Domino locations.

The mullions were planed to 3/8 inch thickness and received 4mm x 30mm Dominoes...The mortises were milled tight (#1) on the end grain of the mullions.

...the mortises were milled loose (#2) on the rails.

The mortising of the long rails required an outrigger...for both ends.

Mullion to lower rail dry fit...rail rebate is coplanar with the mullion.

All other 14 Domino joints were 6mm x 40mm mortises...these attach all three rails to the stiles...mortises were tight on end grain...loose on the stiles.

A through cut rebate...

A stopped cut made at the router table...had to lower workpiece onto a 3/8 inch bit...and stop it as well.

Glue up...first connected mullion to the middle rail and the bottom rai, then let that set...

First glue up of mullion set and subsequent attachment to stiles did not go well...on the second door, Cindy and I did the mullion glue up with the lower and middle rails clamped, dry fit, into the stiles...this worked much better.

The rest of the frame...had to work was a quick dry weather day.

Clamped up with Dubuques.

A stopped cut rebate...ready to be chiseled.

All rebate corners squared up...shoulder plane touch up on rebates...

The stile extensions were squared off at the MFT3 table.

Two door frames done...waiting for paint...

Screen Frame Builds


Finished Product








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