Roofing the Building



The roof material is 2 foot wide 5 v metal in 29 gauge. The sheets were installed with sealing screws into purlins. The roofing crew had Max and James up top with Dave working at the bottom of the sheets. Ben provided the constantly needed, fourth set of hands to make everything go quickly. Installation of the ridge caps was difficult as was the installationof the last sheets. PeakMeister Max was the key to that process.


Putting in the very first piece was very important because all other sheets would build on that first one. The sheet was hanging out in space over the end of the purlins and beyond the rafters and the ridge pole. The guys did a great job of squaring this important sheet.


James and Max up top.

Securing the ridge caps was difficult due to the possibility of crushing the metal. Max got the hang of it. There were also some screw surface issues at the ridge cap but some creative problem solving took care of that.
The final work on the west end had to be done with the crew working from scaffolding.

The final piece is going in. Dave puts in the last screws...finish the cap ridge vent and we have a hat!
Max gets the cap in and the roof is done.


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