It took around 50 hours to design the shop. This was spread out over a long period of time with many discussions with friends, city officials and spouse.

The project planning phase consumed around 40 hours that put into motion the schedule to make over 50 trips to vendors to spend over $12,000.00 to buy materials.

The plan also involved 10 different workers who put in over 1200 man hours in 6 weekends and one Spring Break to complete the basic shop shell.

The only outside service was provided by Leon Salley who cut down a tree for us.

The only tools used from outside sources were the auger for digging the holes for the concrete piers, the trencher for the burial of the electrical service cable, and the 100 roller used to complete the laying of the floor tiles. These items were all rented.



Early plans were drawn by hand.

Later plans were drawn on Autocad.

The city building permit process forced us to drop the size of the building from 700 square feet to 498 square feet to cut under the 500 square foot maximum allowed under the Crossgates covenants.

A master schedule and made January 15. It had to be constantly updated because we were always finishing ahead of schedule.



The Spring 2006 Shop Raising Schedule

February 3-4 Holes punched
February 11-12 Concrete pored for piers
February 16-19 Floor joists, secondary pier supports and sub-flooring
March 3-4 Walls
March 5 Ceiling Joists
March 8 Ridge pole and some rafters
March 11-12 (first weekend of Spring Break) Rafters, roof , siding, gables
March 13-17 Spring Break Doors, windows, electrical, finish carpentry
March 18-19 (final weekend of Spring Break) Electrical, finish carpentry
March 20 - April Laying floor, miscellaneous finishing touches



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