Powermatic 66

Biesemeyer Splitter Install


The Powermatic 66 came with a splitter, pawl and safety hood assembly.

There was a connection point in the trunnion area as well as a connection point and the back of the saw.

It was difficult to install and remove and thus stayed on my saw for around 5 minutes.

It has been in storage for 13 years.


Although a riving knife is now the number one safety tool for the modern table saw, it is not possible to retro-fit a riving knife into the Powermatic 66.

I opted to install an aftermarket splitter made by Biesemeyer.

This would provide a higher level of safety and the swap out time for the splitter is under 15 seconds.

Additionally, the Shark, an aftermarket dust collector hood and safety unit will fit into the unit. I have one of these in my future.

Here are the parts for the Biesemeyer.

This bolt is the inner cabinet mouting point for the standard Powermatic splitter assembly.

Part of this unit will be used.

The jack assembly was pulled out and the threaded rod shaft had to removed.
Here is the unit put back into the P66 after the threaded rod was removed.

After the unit was installed there was vitrually no room between the back of the blade and the lower shaft of the splitter assembly.


The clearance was only about 1/16 inch when the blade was at its lowest point.
Once the blade is elevated the clearance is greatly expanded.
Though not as effective a close riving knife the splitter is a reasonable distrance from the back of the blade at full extension.

This shows how the original P66 insert works with the splitter.

Since the Biesemeyer attaches to the original splitter nut the cutouts in the insert work fine.



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