Multimedia Wall and Shelves





Mutimedia Shelving Unit


Final Product




The reason for the wall is to provide the correct mounting surface for the best viewing angle for the TV.

The wall will be ~108 inches tall by ~72 inches wide.

A shelving unit will consist of the box...and the front frame...
A hole will be created in the new wall to accept the box unit.
The frame and box unit will be constructed off-site and will simply slide into the hole in the will then be shimmed and secured.
The back view of the box...the 18 inch depth of the shelves will place the back edge of the box at about 14 inches into the wiring closet.
Rear view of the an idea of the frame overhang at the front...the frame will be 3/4 inch proud on all edges in the front.

Close up the rear view showing how the front frame will be proud 1/2 inch on the inside of the box at the top and on the sides.

The lower edge of the front frame will be co-planar with the bottom shelf.






Multimedia Shelving Unit
Closet and Door
Final Product





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