Links to Favorite Sites about Woodworking and other Tools



My Favorite Woodworking Blogs and Info Sites


Chris Schwarz Blog


at Popular Woodworking since 2005 a great source on a variety of topics

Lost Art Press Blog

blog and archives

the Wood Whisperer


videos, articles, blog, forum, projects

Joels Blog at Tools for Working Wood

Link here


Joel Moskowitz is owner of Tools for Working Wood and Gramercy Tools

Hock Tools

Ron Hock...the sharpening blog

Norse Woodsmith

woodworking tools and projects


Other Blogs I Follow


Your Finest Work

David Jeske, Blue Spruce Toolworks

Toolemera Press

Dyverse Musings archives

Gary Roberts

Evanfall Woodworks

Article Index


Rob Hanson

Full Chisel Blog


Stephen Shepherd

Holtey Planes

Karl Holtey's "From the Workshop" blog

Renaissance Woodworker


Shanon Roger's blog

The Joiners Apprentice

Rob Campbell


the SawWright Blog


Matt Cianci's blog about handsaws

Bridge City Tool Works

John Economaki


Two Lawyers Toolworks


Klaus & Pedder are German lawyers with a hobby of making saws

Old Ladies


Pedder's Blog about old saws


Unplugged Shop

Luke Townsley

Unplugged Woodshop

Tom Fidgen


My Favorite Forums

Sawmill Creek


Member: great forum with many varied interests

Tormek Discussion Board

Member: info about Tormek and the field of sharpening in general

Festool Owners Group

Member: good forum on the subject of Festool


Member: broad topic range


not a member


not a member: forum of Woodsmith ShopNotes

Woodworking Talk

not a member



Vendor and Manufacturer Sites


wide range of tool options at good love the Prime shipping

Ameitech South

my local distributor of Festool and Powermatic

Auriou Toolworks

Forge de Saint Juery


manufacturer of fine rasps and files for working wood

Bad Axe Toolworks


Services and Tools for the Discriminating Woodworker ...and the Progressive Luddite



manufacturer of a wide range of great clamps

the Best Things


seller of high quality things including woodworking tools and vintage tools

Betterly Industries, Inc.


maker of quality jigs, accessories and gauges

Blue Spruce Toolworks

maker of quality tools, chisels, mallets, marking tools, etc.

Bridge City Tool Works

a premier manufacturer of woodworking tools

Chester Toolworks


saws, awls, plane hammers, marking knives

Czeck Edge Hand Tool

made in Georgia...chisels, awls, marking knives



German manufacturer of a wide range of quality hand power tools with integrated dust collection and storage systems



high quality bits and blades

Glen-Drake Toolworks

maker of the superior Tite-Mark marking gauge

Grammercy Tools

page at Tools For Working Wood is


house brand for TFWW, they manufacture saws, holdfasts, rasps...

Hock Tools

Ron Hock...master of blades

Highland Woodworking

full service store in Atlanta, GA and online

Iturra Design

Jacksonville, FL



Louis A Iturra, no website

sells bandsaw equipment, blades and gauges, his catalog is a "bible of the bandsaw"

Klein Tools

made in America...manufacturer of fine hand tools, pliers, screwdrivers, cutters, etc.

Knipex Group

made in Germany...manufacturer of fine hand tools, pliers, cutters, etc.

Kreg Tools

pocket screw jigs, clamping tools, screws, fences, routing systems, measuring toosl

Lee Valley

Canadian woodworking and gardening full service online and in brick stores...sell everything...but has a manufacturing arm that makes Veritas tools


manufacturer of the best joinery jigs

Lie Nielsen Toolworks

planes, saws, chisels, scrapers, benches, and much more


innovative jigs, featherboards, and safety devices using magnetic switching technology



manufacturer of gauges and plates for high tech measurement

Micro Jig

manufacturer of GRR-Ripper pushblock system and the MJ splitters


major provider of dust collection systems


manufacturer of my favorite Powermatic 66 table many other quality tools...the Gold Standard


screws, storage, deck hardware plus major tool lines

Norse Woodsmith

woodworking tools and projects


multi store and catalog emporium with a full range of products

Shenandoah Tool Works


wonderful mallets, figured hardwood and well made



made in USA, finest measurement tools made, L. S. Starett invented the combination square

Sterling Tool Works


made in USA, wonderful dovetail markers, well crafted

Tools for Working Wood


distributor of new and classic hand tools, manufacturer of Grammery Tools, plus good info and blogs



Swedish manufacturer of the Tormek sharpening systems and jigs

Traditional Woodworker


distributor of quality tool lines

Trend Routing Technology

routing products, maker of the Trend Pro face shield



quality made in the USA fences, accessories, and lathes

Vesper Tools

Chris Vesper is a maker of exquisite marking and measuring tools

Wera Tools

German manufacturer of high quality drivers, bits, etc.
German manufacturer of high quality drivers, bits, etc



major franchise chain of dealers providing a wide array of woodworking equipment, WoodRiver tools are their product



made in the USA...wide variety of accessories, clamps, measuring and marking tools


Woodworking MultiMedia, Schools and Training...magazines, info, etc.


Canadian Woodworking


woodworking and home inprovement magazine

Chris Schwarz Blog


at Popular Woodworking since 2005 a great source on a variety of topic

the Daily Catch Up


woodworking tutorials for SketchUp

Fine Tool Journal

journal available by subscription, auctions, online store

Fine Woodworking

Taunton Press, magazines, books, online articles, videos blogs, info, etc.

Fine Woodworking

YouTube Channel Channel videos on

Hand Tool School


Shannon Roger's online training programs

Highland Woodworking

Wood News Online, woodworking tips (PDFs), large book selection, classes

Highland Woodworking

YouTube Channel

Highland Woodworking Channel videos on

Kreg Tools

YouTube Channel

videos on Kreg Tool Company Channel

Inside Woodworking


free online eZine

Lie Nielsen Toolworks

YouTube Channel

Lie-Nielsen Channel videos on sharpening, tool tips, lessons, interviews,

Lost Art Press Blog

blog and archives

Lost Art Press, LLC

multimedia publishing house of Christopher Schwarz

Marc Adams School Woodworking

premiere school of woodworking

Popular Woodworking


magazine, online articles, videos, reviews, blogs

Popular Woodworking

YouTube Channel


videos from Pouplar Woodworking Channel on


YouTube Channel

videos from Rockler Channel on

WK Fine Tools

Internet Magazine with great contributing writers


YouTube Channel Woodcraft Channel videos

Wood Magazine


articles, videos, plans, blogs

Wood Magazine

YouTube Channel Wood Magazine Channel videos


Woodsmith ShopNotes magazine

the Wood Whisperer


videos, articles, blog, forum, projects

the Wood Whisperer

YouTube Channel


Wood Whisperer Channel...videos on

Woodworker's Guild of America


videos, articles, forum, store

Woodworker's Guild of America

YouTube Channel


Woodworker's Guild of America Channel...videos on

Woodworker's Journal


magazine, eZine, videos, blog, store

Woodworker's Journal

YouTube Channel Woodworker's Journal Channel videos

Woodworker's Library


books, plans, videos, etc.

Woodworking Catalog

Q&A, forums, articles, etc.


Woodworking Links Collections


Canadian Woodworking



woodworking and home inprovement magazine

Highland Woodworking

Links page

links to a broad range of woodworking sites

Jeff Greef Woodworking


long links list

Jim's Hand Tool

Woodworking Links

Jim Boyett's links to information on hand tools and vintage tools

Index of Fossil-Fuel-Friendly Woodworking Knowledge


great collection of links to great information

Luis' Woodworking Page

Woodworking Links


links to a broad range of topics for woodworkers

Saw Horse Workshop


wide range of information, great links page on woodworking magazines


broad range of links to plans, books, etc



links page of online resources from the editors of Woodsmith ShopNotes



woodworking links

Woodworker's Library



woodworking links page

Woodworking Catalog


Links plus Q&A, forums, articles, etc.
Vintage Tools Vendors and Informative Sites

Catalogue of American Patented Antique Tools

virtual catalogue of american tools

Electronic Neanderthal


traditional woodworking resources on the web

Jon Zimmer's Antique Tools


tools, books, features, links

Museum of Woodworking Tools

museum in NYC run by Robert Mathison, site has a Guide to Honing and Sharpening by Maurice Fraser

Mid-West Tool Collectors Association

non-profit devoted to studying, preserving, and sharing knowledge of tools


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