Knife Build #27


I ordered this Hock carving knife blade from Hock Tools.

It is model CKB125, a one and one quarter inch carving knife blade made from high carbon steel and hardened to Rc62.

This carving knife was given to James.

It has handle scales  of cocobolo.

For the most part, all of the steps in this process are identical to the knife build #5, a carving knife.

Details of that #5 build are shown in greater detail here.

Info about knife blades is available at Hock site


The RX90 sanding sequence was 80x, 150x, 220x, 320x, to 400x.

The finishing cycle consisted of multiple coats of my shop blend of rubbing varnish.

Each coat was saturated and then dried using wet/dry sandpaper.

One saturation and rub-in was done at each grit from 400x-600x-800x-1000x,

The finish was extremely smooth.

Final coating was Skelton Peacock Oil, three coats.
Blade was sharpened with Wicked Edge...
Finished knife.





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