The framing of the building was accomplished over three days. The walls, the ceiling joists and most of the rafters went up over a weekend. This was quite an accomplishment and caused great excitement.


The framing crew on the weekend of March 3-4,

George, Dave, James, Jacob

The south wall went up first. The only work around was the front door.




The north wall went quickly. There were no work arounds. The west wall, with the window and air conditioning portal, followed quickly to provide more stability.


The east section, with the double doors, was the final wall to go up. Next came the ceiling joists, which are 2 x 12s set on 24 inch centers.

The ridge pole was made up of three sections of 1 x 10s scabbed together and was difficult to align.

The floor joists were very wobbly, hardbacks were put in to provide some stabilization. Sheet goods were put down to provide ladder placement.

About 60% of the rafters went in by the end of the weekend.
The weekend of March 11-12 marked the beginning of the big Spring Break Push. A wonderful six man crew was produced and great work was done over two days. On Saturday the remaining rafters were quickly installed and soon the team turned to roofing and siding. The crew shown here is Ben, Max, James, George and Dave. Missing in the photo is Jacob.


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