The Foundation



After much consideration the decision was made to use a wooden foundation placed upon concrete piers sunk 3 feet into the ground. This difficult decision was truly the right one as we are ecstatic about the feel of the floor under the feet, the elimination of water runoff issues, the access to the underside of the shop for future development, and the fact that we were in control of the entire process.

In an effort to provide serious stability, the foundation was provided by 4 x 6 treated posts, secured with metal fasteners that were placed in concrete piers. The framework was 2 x 12 treated material with the joists set on 12 inch centers.

The holes were dug with a two man auger. The process was traumatic. Jacob and George struggled with the wet clay and the water table. Dave, Jacob and George poured the cement. Considering all the issues that caused problems the resulting frame was astonishingly square.

The backbreaking installation was done over a three and 1/2 day period in damp, cold weather. James had a break from the hospital and worked the entire period, Dave jumped in on Saturday and Sunday.


The creation of the frame was perhaps the most difficult part due to the fact that there were just two of us and that we had so little support material to start the process.

The setting of the joists on 12 centers caused much work but the payoff is an incredibly sound floor. The 16 foot long joists are all supported in mid span by 4 x 4s set into "floating concrete piers". Additional support was put under the location of the Powermatic table saw to make sure that this monster has great support.




The sub-floor was provided by 3/4 inch treated plywood that was set down with construction adheseive, nails and screws.
Cold, damp, hard work paid off with a great solid base for the shop.
When the decking was done a "reunion" picture was taken. The 3 Amigos are standing in the same poses as they stood some 20 years earlier when they built the Council Circle shop.
Notice the years, the miles and the pounds have taken their toll on the 3 Amigos. Check out the first shop build here.
The finished foundation was wonderfully stout!!


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