Dust Collection

Mitre Saw Station

The Delta mitre saw has a dust port that is designed to capture dust in a "dust bag" .

However, this process actually collects a very small percentage of the volume of dust that the saw creates.

The hose from the Festool CT22 hose fits nicely into this port.

However, even the quality Festool suction will only collect a small percentage of the dust generated by the saw.

To catch the
airborne dust particles that do not go through the dust port I constructed a hood.


The mitre saw sits in a recessed pan beneath the height of the left and right work surfaces.

The first step was to install the HVAC fixtures into this recessed area.

The rear rectangular unit is a 3 1/4 inch by 8 inch "straight boot" that reduces to a 4" round outlet.

The round unit is 10 inch x 6 inch taper. A second adaptor reduces the 6 inch port down to a 5 inch round outlet.

Underneath the surface, the rear drop connects to a 4" flex hose.

The center drop connects to a 5" flex hose.

The 4 inch hose runs west to a box attached to the underside of the workbench.

This transition box contains a four inch
adaptor that attaches to a Dust RightŪ adaptor that accepts the quick-connect Dust RightŪ handle.

This handle is on the end of the 21 foot stretch hose that is serviced by the Jet DustDog dust collector.


The 5 inch hose runs east to a box attached to the underside of the workbench.

This box contains a five inch quick-connect fitting that connects with its mate pulled by the Oneida Gorrilla dust collector.




The hood was made from duct board installed inside out.

Here is the rear panel in place.

A small frame was built to provide some external support for the hood.


Sloping sides allowed for the rear of th legs of the Delta mitre saw to slide into place. The sides also help funnel saw dust down to the rectangular rear port.

The finished hood with a top and with the side edges covered to prevent the fibrous material from taking a beating.


Because of the extension table on the left side the mitre saw does not sit in the middle of the pan and the hood was not symmetrically designed. Tolerances on the right side are very tight but the saw can swing to full function.

When making just a few cuts the hood, pulled by the Jet dust collector, will be adequate.

When using the saw for extended tasks I attach the hose from the Festool C22 to the saw and I connect the Oneida cyclonic dust collector to the under saw collection port.

It is impossible to control all of the dust from a mitre saw but this triple pull setup eliminates a high percentage of the dust.



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