Dust Collection


The new Powermatic jointer is located in front of the bench along the north wall in the west end.

The dust collection for the jointer is provided by the Jet Dust Dog which is housed behind the shop and it is operated by a remote control switch.

A trio of blast gates allows selection of one of the three hoses that run under the bench.

One hose pulls the from the chop saw hood.

The other two linescontinue westward.

At the end of the main bench the front hose contines to the jointer.

This hose is a high quality Rocker Dust Right expanding hose.

It continues the run behind the jointer.

And connects to the 4 inch port on the west end of the jointer.

The jointer has a mobile base and may be moved if jointer long material. The flex hose will accomodate any needed move.


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