Amana Colonies 2015




Handworks 2015 was held in three locations in Amana. The main exhibit hall was the Festhalle Barn. Other sites included the Greenwood Barn and the Amana Furniture Shop.
Across from the Festhalle was Cindy's favorite building. This housed Heritage Designs.
Cindy in front of Heritage Designs...we really liked the design to the right of the doors...
One of our favorite shops was the Amana Furniture and Clock Shop
There was room after room of furniture...  
Room after room of clocks...
The working shop was visible from a gallery.
view w2
view 3

Loved AJ's Copper Garden in Homestead Colony...

AJ is retiring in August


Metal Art eclectic collecton of butterflies, suns, plants, animals, Audry (Feed me Seymour)...created in copper, brass, paints, etc.

An old service stations filled with an incredible array of metal creations...
Cindy's sunflowers from AJ's
A sun for our bedroom...

I bought garden butterflies for my daughters.


Cindy got a hummingbird for her daughter.


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