Digital Readout for Dewalt 735 Planer


Looking to upgrade the Dewalt planer with a DRO. 
First look zeroed in on Wixey WR510.  This model is designed for portable planers and there are plenty of videos showing how to install the 510 on Dewalt 735 planers.

After looking at the WR510 I felt like I would prefer the remote readout available on the also looks a bit more stout.
550 shown below

The Wixey WR510 has a LCD display that is connected to the scale.

WR510 Unit shown on a 735...this limits the options for location of the display.

The WR550 readout LCD display is able to be put in any suitable location...and the display can be tilted.
The scale and the readout are connected via a Cat5 ethernet cable...I have plenty in varying lengths...

Closeup of the LCD display.

Wixey WR550 Manual

The WR550 is designed to fit on larger planers...of the five installation possibilities shown in the manual, only Fig 4 shows the install setup that would applicable to the DW735.

Although the WR550 is designed for larger planers, it will fit on the DW735

These static images are from the Wixey site...I did not find any videos about installing the WR550 on the DW735

Here the unit is attached on the left side of the infeed table.

Note however that the bottom of the scale is not attached to the is attached to plywood and there is a cut out in the plywood to allow the scale to extend lower.

Unit scale seen from the backside...note the upper is attached to a plastic housing.

Another view of the plastic where the top of the scale is attached...this plastic shroud surrounds the screw-post.


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